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Otago and South Canterbury

I can leave the lounge door open and heat the whole house.

review yvette otago


Otago and South Canterbury

It literally felt like having a blanket wrapped around the house

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Jason and Sandy

Waikato and Bay of Plenty

Our house definitely holds the heat in better since Insulmax®, it was still tee shirt weather inside with single digits outside this morning. We let the fire burn out early with all the internal doors open.

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Peter and Felicity

Waikato and Bay of Plenty

We are just thrilled with the results of your insulation. We light the fire late afternoon and throw an extra log on going to bed. On the way to bed it is 22plus and in the morning 16/17 plus

jess horn


Waikato and Bay of Plenty

Having our walls insulated was absolutely the best money we've spent on our house so far. We thought the double glazing was going to make a big difference to us but it really didn't have much of an impact. Now we've had our walls insulated we can really feel and hear the difference.


Weleda Headquarters

Hawkes Bay

The old homestead was a huge job for Callum which he carried out efficiently and with cheerful flexibility. Our staff have commented that it has made a huge difference.

ins photos 43



I'm completely satisfied with the process and the work which was done, I am over the moon as my home has never felt so warm after Insulmax® completed the insulation. The team went about their business in a professional way.

sarah and guilio

Sarah and Guilio

Hawkes Bay

We are extremely happy with the work, we love how cosy and pleasantly temperate the house is, and we're in awe of Callum's work ethic, demeanour, dedication and amazing quality work.

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I thoroughly recommend Insulmax®

54 lyall parade rose johns



I would recommend Insulmax® Wellington to all my friends.

tony harrington 70 bull ave



Good communication, guys arrived on installation day and got my 4 bedroom home done in about 4 hours.

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The house is so much warmer and cosier.

bentinck1024 1



The whole process from quote to install was easy and transparent. We noticed a difference straight away with warmer nights.

richard butterfield 9b michael road



The house is definitely quicker to heat and stays warm longer with less power. Very happy with the results.

marisha 413 william street

Marisha Koh


I can no longer feel a constant chill coming off my walls.

4 courtney rd ike



I would very much recommend getting the team in to insulate your home, you won't regret it.

clinton oleary 9 avalon cres



This summer is the first summer we have needed to open the windows in the lounge as it’s now too hot! Great problem to have!

renee baldwin sq



I can not recommend Insulmax® enough our house is a lot quieter and warmer.

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The house is much warmer at night and during the day and without the chilly damp feeling.

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Kirstine - Halved power bill


Wow, what a difference. My house was warm when I came in from work – something I had not experienced in winter for some time. My power bills were more than halved and it’s the first winter I’ve had in some time where I was comfortable sleeping through the night. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that you would never know that my house walls had had little holes drilled. There is no evidence at all. Read more :

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Neil form Rotorua

Waikato and Bay of Plenty

We’re loving the comfort of home now, it’s made a huge difference. It’s a noticeably warmer, quieter house.  And the service from yourself and Barrie is fantastic. 

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Hawkes Bay

My Feedback re Insulmax® is that I am very satisfied. The house feels warmer and drier and retains the heat when I have the fire or heat pump on.  Also the finishing on the outside is very good.

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Hawkes Bay

Insulmax® has made a huge difference to our home! Right away we could feel the house retaining heat and our house is also a lot quieter! Very happy we invested in Insulmax®, it makes such a difference!

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Hawkes Bay

We also have instantly noticed the difference in our house and how much warmer it is over the last two nights. 


Dave and Marie - Warmest home in 20 Years

Waikato and Bay of Plenty

So we went ahead and got Insulmax® put in the walls and that first night was an eye-opener what a difference it made, for the first time in the twenty years of living in this house my wife said the room got too hot and had to turn off the electric fire. We have also redecorated. So having Insulmax® in our walls has given us smaller power bills and a house that is now a lovely warm and cosy home.



Waikato and Bay of Plenty

Just wanted to say a huge thank you. What a difference it has made ! It's cut out a huge amount of road noise, we had zero condensation this morning and we actually had to turn our heat pump off it got so warm! Definitely money well spent!

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Hawkes Bay

What a big difference Insulmax® has made to our home. We had a huge frost this morning and our house is lovely and warm! really happy with job and extremely happy with Callum and Rangi

adi cummings


Waikato and Bay of Plenty

It has made such a difference having this insulation in my home. I use less heating and the condensation has reduced. I'm trying to talk my friends into getting this first instead of a heat pump as it means using less power. I'm really keen to look at getting more done in my home now I have noticed a significant difference.


Esther's Villa

Waikato and Bay of Plenty

Last night was probably the first night the temp really dipped down at night and in the early morning since you guys put in the insulation and we definitely felt a difference! Bedroom wasn't anywhere near as cold as it usually is when the frosts come so hurray! The house is lovely and snug.


Jen - Unhealthy Place for Children

Otago and South Canterbury

If you read only one review - make it this one. Click here

lindsay and catrina

Lindsay and Catrina

Otago and South Canterbury

After installation, we often get up in the morning after a cold night and have no idea of the cool temperature outside because the house was so warm. The surprising benefit is Insulmax® insulation blocks a lot of noise from nearby roads. After nine months we still can’t believe it’s made that much of a difference.

lisa and jason_1

Lisa and Jason

Otago and South Canterbury

We are thrilled with the result of the insulation in our house carried out by Conan and the Dunedin Insulmax® team. It was great over summer



Otago and South Canterbury

“I had Insulmax® insulation put in the walls of my home just over a year ago and I love it. People often walk into my house and comment on how warm it is.

janice whatti


Otago and South Canterbury

After more than 20 years in a cold house I’m pleased that I can come home to a warm insulated house. I’d would recommend this insulation option to anyone with a older home.

brad and kerri_1

Brad and Kerri

Otago and South Canterbury

We were considering heating and insulation options, and it soon became clear that there was no point spending money on heating if that heat was just going to escape through the walls. It seemed like trying to hold water in a sieve! Our home is quieter and generally warmer, particularly in the front bedrooms and although it’s got colder outside, our home seems to hold its heat a lot better. On sunny days the heat of the day lasts longer into the evening.

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Otago and South Canterbury

We are impressed so far and the effects have been instant. With the same amount of heating, the downstairs is about 5-6 degrees warmer with heat pump on less often; the upstairs with no heating is 4 degrees warmer than usual. I cannot feel that creeping cold draft around the stair area anymore. I am sure there has been a noise reduction in the rooms that have been done too. We also felt the cost was excellent making this type of ‘essential insulation’ also very affordable. Very happy indeed.”

screen shot 2021 06 17 at 114551 am

Jo and Adam's Heritage Listed Home

Otago and South Canterbury

Our home is now a lot easier to heat and stays warm. Bedrooms are now often 10°C warmer than outside with no overnight heating!


Miriam's Double Brick Home

Otago and South Canterbury

The change in the temperature inside our 100 year old double brick home in Dunedin has been remarkable since our walls were were insulated. Cold air pockets have disappeared and the overall temperature has risen by several degrees.

screen shot 2021 06 17 at 113652 am

Glenn - topping up wall insulation


 The day after the installation we stopped wearing sweaters inside.

what holes

What holes ?

Otago and South Canterbury

Just thought that I’d let you know that the DCC building inspector has signed off on whatever it was he needed to approve after the insulation was put in. He struggled to find where the holes had been on the exterior of the house and commented, unbidden, on what a good job had been done

hugh foster

Reporter Interview - Hugh

Otago and South Canterbury

Government scheme to put insulation in the ceiling and under the floor did nothing for the warmth of his home



Otago and South Canterbury

I had some initial concerns about the insulation getting damp within the wooden walls of my home but my fears were soon allayed by the Insulmax® team who left a piece of the insulation floating in a glass of water for three weeks – with no water absorbed at all ! We’ve been enjoying the noticeable benefits of our house being  a lot warmer and quieter.

cghris rowe

Reporters Interview - Chris Rowe

Otago and South Canterbury

Reporters Interview - Mr Rowe estimated the home was 8 to 10 degrees warmer after Insulmax® was installed and said other people had also noticed the difference. Friends and family that visited commented on the warmth of their house,



Auckland and Northland

Our main motivation for doing the job was for acoustic insulation  – we live in a brick-clad ex state house on a very busy artery and the noise was unbearable in the front rooms. Now, with doors and windows closed, you can barely hear traffic noise at all.I can tell immediately when you close the front door behind you that the place is massively quieter and, having gone in last week at about 7pm after a semi warm winter day, the amount of heat still in the place was phenomenal.



Canterbury and Marlborough

I love our wall insulation. Our home was very cold and very hard to heat. Now we are finding our heat pump is on less and on a lower setting. Our children are sleeping better and longer!

ben and rhonda

Ben and Rhonda

Waikato and Bay of Plenty

The technology is proven, the product amazing and the install process hassle-free. Consent came through quickly, and soon Barrie was on site doing the install (which only took a day). We are absolutely delighted with the result and cannot recommend Insulmax® highly enough for your retro-fit insulation solution.

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Skeptic reports on GeekZone

Canterbury and Marlborough

Skeptic reports on GeekZone



Auckland and Northland

I can already feel the benefits of a quieter home, plus the house keeps noticeably warmer now



Auckland and Northland

There is a huge difference in heat retention and they have done a great job.

simons ex state hosue

Simon's Brick ex State House

Otago and South Canterbury

it has totally transformed our brick veneer ex state house. It was so much so that it doesn’t feel that different to a new house build in warmth. I consider it to be one of the best things we have done to our house. It is council approved and not to be confused with foam insulation.


Simon - 1960's Brick Home

Canterbury and Marlborough

I was initially skeptical about retrofit insulation but I decided to take the gamble, and I am pleased to say that Insulmax® has been worth every cent. The difference has been nothing short of amazing. The temperature in my house used to plummet within half an hour of letting my fire burn out – even though I have double glazing and good ceiling insulation.


Ray's 20 C home

Otago and South Canterbury

We had a 20 C day yesterday and the outside temperature had dropped to 10 C when I left for work this morning. I’ve just walked back into the house at 2:30 pm and the whole house is at 20 C !  NO heating required.  Very happy

vicky brown

Vicky Brown


I have been amazed by the difference it has made. My home is retaining the heat this winter. My power bill has significantly reduced and in fact since having the insulation installed I am saving nearly $100 a month on electricity costs! So pleased I invested in this.




I can’t believe the difference it has made. On cold days, I no longer enter a cold house, its a lovely feeling. Most evenings the heat pump is not required and definitely no longer needed in the afternoons, making the power bill drastically reduced from previous years. The installation itself was simple and quick with no evidence of where it was done. If you are thinking about insulation around your house or have the opportunity to have this done, do it. You will have no regrets.


Cuinna's Central Otago Home

Otago and South Canterbury

The insulation has made a huge difference to the warmth of my house.  It was a difficult house to keep warm in winter and now it is so cosy and easy to keep the heat in even in the bedrooms.  Money well spent – thank you.


Debbie's Quiet Dry Home

Auckland and Northland

Almost two weeks on and I no longer have any traces of condensation on my windows. I can honestly say that my house feels warmer and drier inside and the road noise is reduced. The finishing to my weatherboards have been left in a ready to paint stage which is better than what they were prior to installation and your installers cleaned up after themselves.  


Ellyn's 100 Year Old Villa

Otago and South Canterbury

This is the very BEST money I’ve spent on my 100+ year old villa. The difference was instant. My home doesn’t get to 5-6 degrees anymore. My home doesn’t take long to heat, also the heat is retained and there have have been days during winter when I didn’t light the fire.

toni 1950

Toni's 1950s Home

Waikato and Bay of Plenty

I’d highly recommend anyone to choose Insulmax® over pink batts as saved gibbing, plastering, sanding & painting. It’s fast, no mess, the guys had our 4 brm, 2 living room house done within 6 hrs and affordable price too!!! This was the best decision ever – wished we’d known about this 10 yrs ago when we bought the house. Such a noticeable difference in warmth and already saving us $$$

janies house



Our house has never felt so warm in the 7 years we've lived in it. The heat pump isn't going full steam like it used to, our children are saying that they're all sleeping better, we're not waking up to damp bedrooms, we're coming home to a house that feels cosy and we've found that the house is more sound proof.



Hawkes Bay

I already had the ceiling and floors insulated but having the walls done has made the house significantly warmer

glennys house


Waikato and Bay of Plenty

The house itself feels enclosed, cosy, as winter progresses this may become more noticeable too.



Otago and South Canterbury

The house is feeling deliciously snug and I am congratulating myself on the timing with the Big Snow forecast for the next couple of days.

waikato daniel


Waikato and Bay of Plenty

The house is now 1000 times warmer and it was very reasonably priced! 10/10 would definitely recommend for anyone, especially if you have an older home like ours

taranaki carolyn adrian_2

Carolyn and Adrian

Hawkes Bay

Our house was a very old cold house and in the last two days we have noticed a big difference with the warmth and, living on the main road, we have noticed how quiet the house is, the noise was something that we had gotten used to over the years here but now this quiet is a new thing to get used to. 

southland art deb inv

Art and Deb


We love the finished product and can already feel the difference it makes to heat our home  without unnecessary heat loss. We heartily recommend the Insulmax® product and the workers who installed it in our home.

otago pen y bryn lodge oamaru

James - Pen-y-bryn Lodge

Otago and South Canterbury

We have already observed a reduction in our fuel use while at the same time maintaining a warmer ambient temperature. To say we are satisfied customers is a vast understatement! – James Glucksman (Heritage Building)

otago heidi dunedin


Otago and South Canterbury

We already had insulation in the roof and floor but thought we could add the extra warmth by insulating the walls. It absolutely added warmth to the house and made a huge difference.

otago cory dunedin


Otago and South Canterbury

I can’t see where the holes were drilled in the mortar unless I really try and look for it. Almost six months on and we are really happy with the results.

manawatu ivy



Many thanks to Stephen and your team at Insulmax® for making our home warm and comfortable.

hb vivienne


Hawkes Bay

I am happily surprised to no longer feel the temperature difference when leaving the warm living areas, to enter the hall and bedrooms.

hb ray julie napier

Ray and Julie

Hawkes Bay

Prior to getting Insulmax® installed, we used both a Kent log burner and a gas fire to heat the house. After insulation we find that one or the other is all we need. In fact there have been some days where the heat from cooking was enough.

hb john eva hawkes bay

John and Eva

Hawkes Bay

The result of the operation was as expected, just amazing, and our home is now much warmer and healthier. Noise from busy Tomoana Road is now greatly reduced

hb bella gisborne


Hawkes Bay

Wish I had done it years ago. The difference it has made to my 1930‘s bungalow is amazing not to mention the added benefit of traffic noise reduction. 

hb andrea hastings


Hawkes Bay

Since the installation of the wonderful product by Insulmax® I have noticed a great improvement in the warmth and cosiness of my home.

akl hazel


Auckland and Northland

The insulation has been the best value for money spent on my extensive renovation!

akl dana auckland


Auckland and Northland

Our rooms are now dry and warm, so much so that we don’t even use heaters in the winter anymore. Harley is highly reliable and insulating our bedrooms was our best decision yet to reduce our heating costs.

akl andre gemma

Andre and Gemma

Auckland and Northland

Our house is warm, dry, and quiet, and importantly for us, that’s true whether you’re standing right under the heat pump, or at the other end of our house. Perfect for our young family. Not only that, but it’s now hard to tell just sitting inside that we live near a major intersection in Auckland.

bop amee simon tauranga

Amee and Simon

Waikato and Bay of Plenty

We now no longer dread the winter months. The benefits are incredible! My son has not required hospitals visits for croup since installation. We no longer use the dehumidifier at all. Our winter power bill has gone from $300 to around $150 a month. The damp smell has gone after rainfall. The house is super quiet. We use much less fire wood… Which is another huge saving. The heat pump only goes on super super cold nights and turned on at 5.30am just to take any chill off. No mould on walls! No wet walls in our bedroom! This was the best thing we have done to our house. We have a healthy home for our young family!

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