Amee and Simon

Brick and block homes

Waikato and Bay of Plenty

When we purchased our house it was an absolute ice box in winter! We did everything we thought would improve our brick house. We insulated the underfloor, ceiling, installed HRV, installed a fire place and a heat transfer system.

It was still cold and damp. We still used a dehumidifier during winter while having the fire and HRV going. Our power bill during winter was around $300 a month plus the cost of fire wood. We would have the heat pump go on at 2.30am and we would get up and the house would still be 15/16 degrees despite the heat pump going most of the night. And a cold 16 degrees!

The biggest problem we had was that we were still having condensation forming on our walls in our bedroom despite doing everything to stop this. We were at the point of selling our house as we didn’t know what else to do. We had already renovated more than half of our house including the kitchen and bathroom so stripping gib to retro fit insulation was not an option.

I saw Insulmax® advertised on Facebook, I researched the product for weeks as we didn’t want to spend more on the house. We decided to go ahead and it’s the best thing we ever did.

We now no longer dread the winter months. The benefits are incredible!

  • My son has not required hospitals visits for croup since installation.
  • We no longer use the dehumidifier at all.
  • Our winter power bill has gone from $300 to around $150 a month.
  • The damp smell has gone after rainfall.
  • The house is super quiet.
  • We use much less fire wood… Which is another huge saving.
  • The heat pump only goes on super super cold nights and turned on at 5.30am just to take any chill off.
  • No mould on walls!
  • No wet walls in our bedroom!

This was the best thing we have done to our house. We have a healthy home for our young family!

We have no plans to sell our house anymore and it will be hard looking to buy in years to come as our old 1950s brick house has all the same perks as a modern house.

- cusotmer update 18th November 2021 

Prior to getting insulmax installed we were using around 7/8 cubes of fire wood during winter plus using the heat pump all night. We also have an hrv system ans required a dehumidifier going 24/7 to keep the house dry plus try and make it easier to heat.

Since having insulmax installed we haven't have to use the dehumidifier once (we sold it) only pop the heat pump on for a little while in the mornings for the children. And we only need a couple of cubes of fire wood each winter. 

We are saving hundreds on our winter power bill and saving hundreds also in firewood.

Best money we have ever spent on our house. 

Amee and Simon