Brad and Kerri

Weatherboard homes

Otago and South Canterbury

“After moving into our 1920’s villa we started looking at options to make it more comfortable and warmer to live in. A few years ago my parents had the walls of their home insulated by Phil Jackson’s team and they were impressed with the results.

So when we met Phil at the home show we invited him round for his advice. We were considering heating and insulation options, and it soon became clear that there was no point spending money on heating if that heat was just going to escape through the walls. It seemed like trying to hold water in a sieve!

After the Insulmax®® wall insulation was installed the results were immediate. Our home is quieter and generally warmer, particularly in the front bedrooms and although it’s got colder outside, our home seems to hold its heat a lot better. On sunny days the heat of the day lasts longer into the evening.

We’re using the heat pump less and the heat from the wood burner seems to go further through the house and get the lounge warmer.

We’ve recommended Insulmax®® wall insulation and their great service to several of our friends and we’re looking forward to many years of a warmer, cosier home. Anyone living in an older Dunedin home should consider insulating their walls and Insulmax® seems to be the most cost effective option.”