Brick and block homes

Otago and South Canterbury

Your team did a fantastic job on getting the work done on time (in fact, they started a day earlier than scheduled) and the quality of work is great – I can’t see where the holes were drilled in the mortar unless I really try and look for it.

Almost six months on and we are really happy with the results. Our house is definitely warmer, and holding the warmth from our fire so much more. Our house feels more comfortable, and the morning bite in our bedrooms from last winter is more or less gone. We have gone from heating the house with a wood burner and heat pump to just the wood burner due to the insulation.

This change from retaining the heat so much and not relying on the heat pump has meant our latest power bill is about $100 less than the same month last year. Thanks again for the excellent work and results. We are glad we invested the money on getting the insulation installed this year instead of other projects we looked at. Thanks, Cory