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Insulmax® BOP
What a difference this product makes to our lives it is almost unbelievable but in order to tell you I have to start at the beginning.

Twenty years ago we moved out of Rotorua to hopefully get some improvement with  my wife’s illness.
We bought a single story 1950s brick house which looked tidy as had been redecorated inside and out ,and we moved in this was the month of January. All was well until early winter when we found it was almost impossible to heat the place.we had a Kent log fire going day and night plus electric fires going all night in the room my wife slept in.but still it was cold and damp.

We were having massive power bills all through winter and we had to fix a towel on the ceiling above  her bed in order to stop the condensation from dripping down onto her as she slept , condensation also ran down the walls ,so in a short while we had black mould around the bottom 50cm ( we now knew why the house had been redecorated before we bought it). Over the next 10 or so years we got the loft insulation done also the under floor but still this house was not heating to be comfortable and the walls in my wife’s bedroom still ran with condensation,which of course ruined any paper or paint put on them.

Then we heard about brick wall insulation Insulmax® which we found out the walls could be insulated without removing the gib as it is done from the outside ,so we went ahead and spoke to Barrie who gave us the information we needed to make a decision,he said that insulmax would stop all the condensation from the walls,it would make it much easier to heat and the house would be warmer all throughout,which is what we needed to hear.

So we went ahead and got insulmax put in the walls and that first night was an eye opener what a difference it made , for the first time in the twenty years of living in this house my wife said the room got to hot and had to turn off the electric fire. So having insulmax in our walls has given us smaller power bills and a house that is now a lovely warm and cosy home.

I highly recommend this product and these installers who supplied and installed insulmax into our house walls, so professional from start to finish.

Barrie and Angie we can’t thank you enough.