Brick and block homes

Auckland and Northland

I doubt things could have gone any better. At the quote stage we contacted three companies, were stood up by two, having waited for them to arrive at the arranged time and, on the third day, there was Luiza – 15 minutes BEFORE the agreed time – almost had the quote done before I got out there to talk to her! Efficient, Low BS, easy like it should be. Harley and the installation team came when we were overseas but man, they could not have done a neater job – you would not have known they’d been there to be honest. Very good to deal with on the phone also. I truly feel like we got the best job we could have got on this – we’re totally satisfied with everything.

We’ve still not moved back in as we’re under renovation but I’ve spent time in the house since the job was done and, because we know the house so well, I can tell immediately when you close the front door behind you that the place is massively quieter and, having gone in last week at about 7pm after a semi warm winter day, the amount of heat still in the place was phenomenal. Our main motivation for doing the job was for acoustic insulation  – we live in a brick-clad ex state house on a very busy artery and the noise was unbearable in the front rooms. Now, with doors and windows closed, you can barely hear traffic noise at all. We’re adding double glazing next year which will totally eliminate ambient noise in that side of the house.

I have already recommended to neighbours & would recommend to anyone in the same position as we were.