Weatherboard homes

Otago and South Canterbury

We wanted an older character home, with the benefits of a modern home – so we knew when we bought in Dunedin that whatever home we had we’d have to insulate walls, ceilings, and floors. Governments have done research showing that for every dollar spent on insulation saves the health system $5. We are impressed so far and the effects have been instant. With the same amount of heating, the downstairs is about 5-6 degrees warmer with heat pump on less often; the upstairs with no heating is 4 degrees warmer than usual. I cannot feel that creeping cold draft around the stair area anymore. I am sure there has been a noise reduction in the rooms that have been done too. This is a product I would use again without hesitation.

The installation was done extremely thoroughly with an expert knowledge of building design and cavity layout. It took two days to come and do and the process was so easy, it didn’t impact on me at all. The installation created minimal mess and the clean-up was of a very high standard given the nature of the product (fluffy, white with potential to spread) and the weather board finish (hole filling) was superb.

We also felt the cost was excellent making this type of ‘essential insulation’ also very affordable. Very happy indeed.”