Weatherboard homes

Otago and South Canterbury

We had Insulmax® installed at the beginning of last Winter and we’ve been enjoying the noticeable benefits of out house being  a lot warmer and quieter. I initially looked at installing a wood burner to provide more warmth to my home but stumbled upon Insulmax®’s cavity wall insulation and it seemed like such a good solution.

The insulation which was installed through tiny holes in the outside of my house and, in the hard to reach places, they installed through the inside. That was ideal for my house which has a lot of “nooks and crannies”. We also had Insulmax® ceiling insulation installed in the hard to insulate tight ceiling space.

I had some initial concerns about the insulation getting damp within the wooden walls of my home but my fears were soon allayed by the Insulmax® team who left a piece of the insulation floating in a glass of water for three weeks – with no water absorbed at all !

Insulmax® was a  solution to my warmth issues. My sunny house now traps the heat of the sun and retains the warmth of the heat pump without the need to keep it constantly running. The other benefit has been the surprising amount of noise-blocking the insulation had provided, including blocking the noise of southerly winds from around the house. I can’t believe how much quieter my home is.

I would recommend Insulmax® to other people, especially for owners of older houses with “strange angles”.
The Insulmax® team are quick, reliable and they gave a really good quote.