Brick and block homes


Eamonn and the team recently insulated our 1950s brick veneer home. We knew that we wanted to get it done before winter, but opted to get a quote about six months beforehand. The assessor had a high degree of knowledge and we learnt more about our own home thanks to the thermal imaging assessment! We quickly agreed on a scope and a couple days later had a quote. Initially we thought we'd have to delay purchasing, as the quote was valid for two weeks, but they were quite happy for us to lock in the quote and for it to be booked in for several months after. This meant we could pay the deposit and then have time to save for the balance. When the time came to do the insulation, the delivery was exactly as expected - on time and neatly finished without any mess. Only small tip I had was to call or text when the work was completed. I would very much recommend getting the team in to insulate your home, you won't regret it.