Weatherboard homes


We are a young professional working family with 5 children and started renovating our house when we realised it was a damp, cold, mould home. We were stressed about the mould and coldness so looked online and were quick to find Stephen and Kathleen at Insultmax. 
We have been absolutely blown away with the incredible job they've done communicating effectively, insulating our home and finishing it so professionally. Our house has never felt so warm in the 7 years we've lived in it. The heat pump isn't going full steam like it used to, our children are saying that they're all sleeping better, we're not waking up to damp bedrooms, we're coming home to a house that feels cosy and we've found that the house is more sound proof. The installers arrived with excellent communication beforehand, the house was painted within two days, the installers respected our house every minute they were here, and we couldn't even see where the holes were put into the house. Having Insulmax® fluff insulate our house has been the best, financial move we've ever made for our family. What an incredible product! I'm just blown away with Stephen and Kathleen's attention to detail and their reassuring communication. Insulmax® your house for better living, everyone!

Honestly, guys, our house is TRANSFORMED!!! Thank you so much for your amazing business and product.