Jen - Unhealthy Place for Children

Brick and block homes

Otago and South Canterbury

We own a red brick home and found that the heat pump was running all the time and the wood fire wasn’t able to do much. The house was never warm, even though we were going through a lot of firewood.

We get all day sun but as soon as the sun went down we found that the temperature of our house just dived, which surprised us because the ceiling and underfloor insulation were pretty good. We had to close all the doors of the house just to keep a small area warm which was frustrating as although we’d paid for a whole house we were forced to hibernate in the 20% that we could keep at a bearable temperature.We’d turn the heating off when we went to bed and the house was stone cold in the morning. We were starting to think about starting a family and thought the cold home would be an unhealthy place for our children.

Friends at work mentioned they’d recently had their walls insulated by Insulmax®® and they were very impressed with the results and highly recommended it. So we contacted Phil at Insulmax®® and after a very comprehensive, no pressure assessment of our house, we decided to go ahead.

We had Insulmax®® installed in the walls of our brick home in July, right in the middle of winter. We were impressed with the communication and the deadlines were always met and the property was left clean and tidy.

The effects were almost instantaneous – we found the temperature without heating was about 5°C warmer. Our kitchen used to be around 4-7°C and after insulation it rose to 11-14°C. When we turn on the heater now, the temperature climbs quickly and is easily maintained at 22°C. In fact the first night after the install, we had to open the lounge doors because the lounge got too hot!

That was the start of opening all the doors in the house and having the entire house at a comfortable temperature. We finally felt comfortable inviting out of town family with kids to come and stay with the us which we never did before Insulmax®® was installed.

Generally we’ve noticed about a 25% reduction in heating costs (power and firewood) and our home is significantly warmer and holds its heat for longer.

After Insulmax®®  was installed we’d wake up to a more comfortable house and we feel more relaxed opening windows and airing the house knowing that we can easily heat it in the evening.

We also installed Insulmax®® acoustic insulation in the guest bedroom and found that to be very effective at reducing noise from the kitchen.

Even our cat has noticed a difference, he used to spend his days in hot spot in the sun but now he sleeps anywhere in the house.

Our visitors are surprised at how warm our home is and always look for heating that isn’t on. We’ve recommended Insulmax®® to many of our friends and think it’s the only cost effective way to insulate the walls of older homes.