Kirstine - Halved power bill

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Insulmax®, Manawatū

Stephen & Kathleen Jestin


I’m from the UK, Scotland in fact, and used to the cold weather and central heating. I bought my first house in Aotearoa, New Zealand in Summer 2017. Some may say I was a little naive thinking that the heating would be sufficient for the winter. It was a cold winter and the same for the next two years. Stephen had always told me that it was probably the case that my house wasn’t insulated, so one Sunday afternoon he popped round. Sure enough, I had little to no insulation in my loft. I decided to bite the bullet and try Insulmax®.

Well I’ve just gone through my first winter fully insulated – roof space and wall cavities. Wow, what a difference. My house was warm when I came in from work – something I had not experienced in winter for some time. My power bills were more than halved and it’s the first winter I’ve had in some time where I was comfortable sleeping through the night.

The whole process took only two visits. The paperwork was all done for me by Kathleen and I have a council certificate to say that my house is insulated so when I come to sell at some point later on that should be a great help. I know that people wonder if there are any holes showing after the process, but I can honestly say, hand on heart, that you would never know that my house walls had had little holes drilled. There is no evidence at all.

I want to thank Stephen, Kathleen and their team for doing an outstanding job and I only wish that I had done it sooner.


Kirstine, Manawatu