Reporter Interview - Hugh

Brick and block homes

Otago and South Canterbury

Reporter – Interview :

Hugh Foster found a “big improvement” in the warmth of his home when he installed Insulmax® insulation last year.
He had spent a long time looking at insulation options, after a past Government scheme to put insulation in the ceiling and under the floor did nothing for the warmth of his home.
Mr Foster eventually chose Insulmax®’s wall cavity fibre insulation.
“It seemed to be the quickest and the easiest,” he said.
One year on, he and his wife have noticed their house is quieter, warmer and retains the heat for longer.
They kept summer bedding on their bed over the winter – up until the heavy snowfall a couple of weeks ago – and could turn down the heatpump to its overnight heat hours earlier than they used to, he said.
“We used to have to put the butter in the hot water cupboard to thaw it,” Mr Foster said, indicating the previous temperatures of the house.
Previously concerned about increasing the heatpump temperature due to losing heat out the walls, there were no worries now the whole house was insulated, he said.
A drop in power costs has balanced out with the benefit of being able to increase the temperature of the house for a similar cost, Mr Foster said.
He said the fact the Insulmax® team could put the fibre insulation in through the external brickwork meant that there were no issues with having to remove inside panels and wall furniture to insulate the walls.
“I’d definitely recommend it, I really would.”