Reporters Interview - Chris Rowe

Weatherboard homes

Otago and South Canterbury

Reporter Interview :

Installing Insulmax® insulation into their home has improved one Roslyn couple’s quality of life.

Chris and Val Rowe had Insulmax® installed in their home in April and have been enjoying the benefits this winter.

Before they had Insulmax® installed, the couple’s home, which was built in 1885, did not have insulation in the walls so struggled to retain any heat. Now, their two-storey home easily stores the heat distributed by their two heat pumps.

“It has made a significant difference,” Mr Rowe said.

“The house is a whole lot warmer [and] easier to heat.”

Mr Rowe estimated the home was 8 to 10 degrees warmer after Insulmax® was installed and said other people had also noticed the difference. Friends and family that visited commented on the warmth of their house, he said.

The couple looked into several different home heating options but thought Insulmax® would be the “quality option” for their needs. Mrs Rowe said it not only added value to their home but improved their quality of living.

“We are both retired so we knew we were going to be in the house all day.

“It has given us a lot more comfort until we sell the house.”

Their home has a lot of character, so they wanted to keep that while improving the heating. They had the insulation installed into the walls and the ceiling of the bottom floor.

“[The insulation] has not changed anything about the house accept made it a lot warmer,” Mr Rowe said. “It’s certainly met our expectations, probably exceeded them in terms of comfort and warmth.

“Insulmax® is just a really reliable company to deal with.”