Simon - 1960's Brick Home

Brick and block homes

Canterbury and Marlborough

I had Insulmax® installed in the walls of my brick veneer 1960’s Christchurch house in October last year. The difference has been nothing short of amazing. The temperature in my house used to plummet within half an hour of letting my fire burn out – even though I have double glazing and good ceiling insulation. And on winter mornings it used to be no warmer inside than it was outside! But since installing Insulmax® in my walls, I can let the fire burn out way earlier in the evening and it stays warm overnight and into the morning. I’ve saved a fortune on firewood this winter as I don’t need to burn it all night anymore. I’ve also noticed that the house is much more soundproof now which is a nice side benefit. I was initially skeptical about retrofit insulation but I decided to take the gamble, and I am pleased to say that Insulmax® has been worth every cent.