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Brick and block homes

Canterbury and Marlborough


So my wall insulation was pumped into my walls by Insulmax® on Tuesday. The installer and I walked around the house with a thermal imaging camera before, during and after the installation, and this clearly showed a difference in wall temperature as the work progressed. Before the installation, we could see that the timber studs were the warmest part of the wall structure. After installation they were the coldest part. The thermal camera is also a sure fire way of identifying any spots that were missed, ensuring full coverage throughout the house.

The installation holes made in the mortar joints of my brick cladding were filled with mortar the same day, and the installer returned on Wednesday to paint over them. He’s done a very good job – I can only tell the work has been done as I know where the holes were drilled. Anyone who did not see the installation taking place would not have any idea it has been done.

 Yesterday when I got home from work, the temperature in the house was 19 degrees even though the day was overcast. Previously it was around 13-14 degrees when I got home on similar days.

 Last night when I had the fire running, I noticed how much better the heat flowed to the far end of the house. Up until the walls were insulated, the lounge was super toasty with the fire running, but this heat dissipated rapidly and never really reached the far end of the house at all. Now it definitely does, and it’s being retained a lot longer after the fire is put out. In fact last night I let the fire burn out at around 8pm and the house remained warm – usually I keep it running till I go to bed as the house would cool very very quickly.

 This morning the house was noticeably warmer than it used to be – I normally shiver when I get out of bed, turn the heatpump on full blast and then gap it straight for the shower, but this morning I took a leisurely stroll around the house and marvelled at the difference. Sure it’s not 10 degrees different, but it is the difference between turning the heatpump up full blast in the morning and not really needing to turn it on at all.

 This was very much a gamble for me – I had a read a lot from people who stated that wall insulation would make no or very little noticeable difference, but then conversely I read a lot of positive testimonials from people who had gone though with the installation (although I took these with a grain of salt!). But in my case I feel it has been an absolute success. The temperature in my house is not only warmer, but it is way more balanced than it was.