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Wall Insulation Without Renovation

For decades, new homes have been built with wall insulation. But there are about 700,000 older New Zealand homes with nothing in their walls but fresh air! 

Insulmax® is New Zealand’s largest and leading retrofit wall insulation specialist with branches covering all areas of the country. Whatever type of home you own, we can insulate the walls through all kinds of common cladding or interior lining without costly, messy and time-consuming renovations.  Tight or inaccessible ceilings are also easy to insulate with Insulmax®.  Together, let’s transform your home into a more energy-efficient warmer, drier, quieter and more comfortable place to live -  all year round!

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Why Choose

Install assured

Insulmax® installers are independently trained, licensed and audited to assure that Insulmax® standards are maintained. High resolution thermal imaging cameras are used during and after every install to locate cavities and to assure that your walls have been completely insulated.

National support with local service

Insulmax® is the largest and most specialised retrofit wall insulation group in New Zealand. Our owner operated branches throughout the country offer local service, backed by national support and experience. Thousands of NZ home owners are already enjoying the benefits of Insulmax® retrofit wall insulation.

Ultimate install flexibility

Insulmax® is certified to be installed through ALL common exterior claddings and internal linings with or without building paper giving you the choice of how we install your home, whatever its age or cladding. We are certified to install the exterior walls of ALL types of older homes, with or without building paper.

Smallest installation hole

Insulmax® are the "keyhole surgeons of the insulation world", using an installation hole smaller than a 10 cent coin (16mm). The smallest hole size minimises the impact on your home and leaves finished installation points difficult to spot with lasting durability.

Guaranteed and certified

The Insulmax® Retrofit Wall Insulation Method was the first NZ retrofit wall insulation system to achieve CodeMark certification which demonstrates compliance with the New Zealand Building Code and is approved by every Council in N.Z. Each wall insulation install is accompanied by a 50 year written guarantee.

Environmentally conscious

Insulmax® saves tons of building materials from ending up in landfills by eliminating the need to remove wall linings. Insulmax® is made from inert minerals and is composed of 84% post-consumer waste. It is CFC and HCFC free and is classified as having zero Ozone Depletion potential and zero Global Warming potential.

Trusted in Europe and UK

Manufactured in Europe to ISO9001 standards and trusted for over 20 years in the walls of over 1 million UK homes.

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