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Is Insulmax® Retro Wall Insulation Certified in New Zealand?My house doesn't have building paper - is Insulmax® suitable?How do you find all the cavities/timbers?How do you know the wall is full?Can you insulate brick homes?Will Insulmax® settle or shrink over time?How much will my Insulmax® cost?How can I pay for Insulmax®?
Should I insulate my walls?
Why should I insulate my home?How much heat is lost through the walls of my home?What difference will I notice after the walls are insulated?Is my home suitable for the Insulmax® wall insulation process?I have a lot of windows. Is there any point insulating my walls?Do I need a building consent for Insulmax® wall insulation?
Common Concerns
Does your product affect electrical cables?Can you install Insulmax® around pipes?Will Insulmax® burn, or absorb water?Is Insulmax® a good sound deadening acoustic insulation?Will Insulmax® fall out if I renovate?Will Insulmax® attract mice or insects?How does Insulmax® compare to traditional segment insulation?
Common Misconceptions
I thought walls need to breathe?Will Insulmax® make my home damp?What about the cavity in brick homes?Will Insulmax® solve my mould problem?What happens if a pipe leaks in my walls?
Your Insulmax® install
How many holes do you make?How big are the holes?Can you install Insulmax® through the interior plaster board lining?How do I know you have installed Insulmax® correctly?Who carries out the work?What is the Insulmax® installation procedure?What if I have a problem?
Technical information
What does R value mean?Is Insulmax® environmentally friendly?
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