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Heat loss through the ceiling accounts for the largest portion of heat loss from a home.

If your ceiling is uninsulated or needs a top-up, you could be losing precious heat and wasting energy and money. Conventional ceiling insulation can be difficult to install without gaps and joins particularly in low and tight access roof spaces.  Roof timbers should be covered to reduce heat loss through them. Insulmax® ceiling insulation can be installed in any suitable ceiling and is the ideal solution for low pitch roof structures. Insulmax® ceiling insulation is a water-resistant, high quality, soft white mineral wool manufactured to insulate roof spaces.

The blown blanket insulation system of Insulmax® insulates the entire ceiling and fills all corners and crevices with no voids or gaps, making it more effective than conventional segment or blanket products. Installed at almost any thickness, we can suit your individual requirements of insulation R rating and budget.

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Why insulate your ceiling?

Ceiling insulation will keep your home warmer, drier and healthier. A home with no insulation has been estimated to loose around 40% of it's heat through the ceiling making them the first area that home owners should consider when increasing their homes insulation. Insulmax® can be installed at almost any thickness allowing ceilings to be completely insulated or topped up to achieve current standards. 

Insulating your ceiling space reduces heat loss from your home allowing it to retain more heat making it warmer and easier to heat.  Heating bills can be reduced and your home will feel drier, quieter and generally a more confortable and healthy place to live.  When you’re in a newer home, you’ll notice how easy it is to maintain a comfortable, dry and healthy indoor environment. Insulmax® can make this a reality in your older home as we increase your homes insulation to modern standards.

How we insulate your open ceiling


Pre-assessment of your home to ensure you and your family get the full benefit of Insulmax®.


An Insulmax® assessor checks your exisitng ceiling insulation and advises on options avaialable to bring the insulation to desired or current insulation standards. Thermal imaging equipment can be use to identify gaps in exisiting insuation which my be difficult to access from the roof space.  A quotation can be provided for various options to suit budget and requirements.

Some downlights, transformers and other heat sources cannot be covered by insulation. Our process identifies these and achieves recommended practices of clearances. Insulmax® ceiling insulation is compatible with all heat transfer and heat recovery systems.



Insulmax® ceiling insulation is quick and easy to install with minimum disruption to your home


Insulmax® blown mineral fibre insulation can be very quicky and easily installed in the tightest of roof cavities. 

The amount of insulation installed is speciifed by the manufacturer in the form of a coverage chart which gives the number of 16.6kg bags of insulation required to achieve the desired insulation value in your roof area.   

By installing the quoted number of bags and not to a specified thickness the customer can be assured that their roof space is being installed correctly according to the quotation. 

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Why Choose

Install assured

Insulmax® installers are independently trained, licensed and audited to assure that Insulmax® standards are maintained. High resolution thermal imaging cameras are used during and after every install to locate cavities and to assure that your walls have been completely insulated.

National support with local service

Insulmax® is the largest and most specialised retrofit wall insulation group in New Zealand. Our owner operated branches throughout the country offer local service, backed by national support and experience. Thousands of NZ home owners are already enjoying the benefits of Insulmax® retrofit wall insulation.

Ultimate install flexibility

Insulmax® is certified to be installed through ALL common exterior claddings and internal linings with or without building paper giving you the choice of how we install your home, whatever its age or cladding. We are certified to install the exterior walls of ALL types of older homes, with or without building paper.

Smallest installation hole

Insulmax® are the "keyhole surgeons of the insulation world", using an installation hole smaller than a 10 cent coin (16mm). The smallest hole size minimises the impact on your home and leaves finished installation points difficult to spot with lasting durability.

Guaranteed and certified

The Insulmax® Retrofit Wall Insulation Method was the first NZ retrofit wall insulation system to achieve CodeMark certification which demonstrates compliance with the New Zealand Building Code and is approved by every Council in N.Z. Each wall insulation install is accompanied by a 50 year written guarantee.

Environmentally conscious

Insulmax® saves tons of building materials from ending up in landfills by eliminating the need to remove wall linings. Insulmax® is made from inert minerals and is composed of 84% post-consumer waste. It is CFC and HCFC free and is classified as having zero Ozone Depletion potential and zero Global Warming potential.

Trusted in Europe and UK

Manufactured in Europe to ISO9001 standards and trusted for over 20 years in the walls of over 1 million UK homes.