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A Modern Solution for Older Homes

Insulation Information

Retrofitting insulation in older homes

Is your older home lacking in wall insulation? You’re not alone. In fact, unless your home has been built in the last decade or two, chances are it was built with minimal insulation. 

In this blog, we take a look at why so many of our older homes lack wall insulation, and, more importantly, what options are available to homeowners looking to bring their homes up to standard.

Put the heater on and shut the doors!

Over the years, New Zealand's approach to building homes has transformed dramatically. Our earliest homes, often designed for their aesthetic and architectural appeal, fell short on the practical aspects of insulation that are viewed as standard today. Compared to European climates, New Zealand’s temperatures were considered warmer, so insulation was seen as something of an expensive luxury.

It wasn't until the late '70s that wall insulation started to be considered in Kiwi homes, and even then, it was often seen as an 'added extra' rather than the essential component it is recognised as today.

If you grew up in New Zealand in the '70s or '80s, you’ll probably remember having a single plug-in heater and your parents reminding you to put on a jersey and shut the doors to keep the warmth in! The cold, damp nature of New Zealand homes was somewhat accepted. It's only in more recent years, with the advent of heat pumps and more advanced heating solutions, that the expectation for a warm, dry home has become standard.

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The missing piece of the insulation puzzle 

The rollout of the Healthy Homes Standards was a pivotal moment, introducing rigorous requirements for insulation in rental homes, with a particular emphasis on ceilings, floors, and minimising draughts. These measures have certainly enhanced the living conditions in many older properties. Yet, they also spotlight a significant gap in our insulation efforts: the walls.

Ceiling and floor insulation can only make a dent in enhancing the warmth and dryness of an older home. Many homeowners find themselves going to great lengths to warm up their homes with extra heating and even double glazing. But without wall insulation? Well, it’s a bit like bundling up on a chilly winter day with a warm hat, thick socks, and thermal leggings, but leaving your jacket at home.

Take Amee Hudson's experience, for example. Despite extensive efforts to warm up their '50s brick-clad home in Tauranga, including a new roof, floor and ceiling insulation, and advanced heating systems, Amee and her husband still had persistent moisture issues.

"The walls and windows were always wet, and despite constant wiping down and a dehumidifier running non-stop, the dampness persisted," says Amee.

The impact was more than just discomfort; it affected their family's health, with their young son frequently ill.

After having Insulmax® installed in the walls, the effect was immediate. In fact, she describes it as life-changing.

“As soon as the installation was done, the house was warmer and dryer. No more mould on the walls and ceilings. No moisture on the walls. Our house is so incredibly warm and dry now.”

How to make an old home more energy efficient

When it comes to retrofitting your home's walls with insulation, you're essentially faced with two choices. The conventional method involves stripping away interior walls to fit the insulation. This approach isn't just time-consuming and expensive; it's also highly disruptive and contributes to landfill waste.

The modern, easy, and cost-effective alternative is Insulmax®.

This innovative solution involves injecting a high-performance insulation material into wall cavities from the outside, without the need for extensive renovations.

Insulmax®'s unique method not only dramatically improves thermal and acoustic insulation, but it does so in an eco-conscious, minimally invasive manner that respects the original charm of your home.

Ready to warm up your older home?

It’s quick, easy, and incredibly effective. Insulmax® is the modern solution to an age-old problem. No more damp walls, cold floors, and the struggle to stay warm. Instead, enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, warm home – just the way it should be. Take the first step now and book a free, no-obligation assessment of your home.