A smart choice for property managers

Case Studies

A smart choice for property managers

Seasoned property manager David Drummond has always prioritised maintaining and enhancing the residential properties under his care. Recently, David turned to Insulmax® to upgrade the insulation at several key properties, including an old church vicarage and a pair of older state house flats.

The properties, constructed decades ago, lacked modern insulation, making them inefficient at retaining heat and meeting today’s Healthy Homes standards.

"These buildings really showed their age when it came to keeping the cold out, which was a problem not only for tenant comfort but also for regulatory compliance,” says David. 

Easy and innovative

As an engineer, David is always on the lookout for effective and innovative design solutions. “I’ve had an interest in thermal insulation in houses for more than 50 years. And I know the difficulty of trying to insulate when you’ve already got cladding on a house,” he says.

So when he saw a TV advertisement for Insulmax®, the easy installation process caught his attention. “The idea that you could insulate by just drilling a few small holes here and there – it sounded almost too good to be true,” he says.

No interruptions

David had the flats insulated first and the vicarage most recently. "The installation process was incredibly smooth in both cases," says David. “Honestly, you barely knew they were there. They’d finish up, patch the holes, and it was like nothing had happened.”

This hassle-free approach meant no downtime for the properties – a big plus for David.

With his engineering background, David was particularly taken with the technical side of things. “They use these high-resolution thermal imaging cameras to check their work as they go. It makes sure the insulation fills up every nook and cranny,” he explained.

A solid investment

Once the Insulmax® insulation was in place, the tenants quickly saw the benefits. "Right off the bat, the properties were instantly warmer," says David. "Seeing the tenants so satisfied and knowing we’re cutting down on energy costs – it just confirms this was the right move," he says.

David says that having Insulmax® installed is a smart move for any landlord. “Good tenants have choices, and they tend to pick well-maintained, comfortable homes," he says. “Not only that, but good insulation helps keep the house dry and protect it from potential mould problems. It’s a solid investment for any property owner."

A strong reccomendation

David says his experience with Insulmax® has been overwhelmingly positive. “I’d like more people to know about it to be honest, because it’s a great product that makes a real difference. And for older homes that have no insulation in the walls, it’s ideal.”

For other landlords thinking about insulation, David's advice is simple: "Don’t hesitate. It’s worth it for so many reasons – comfort and warmth for your tenants and future-proofing your investment. Get on to it today!” 


Note: Our case studies are conducted through interviews with our customers to provide context and background to their experiences. We greatly appreciate their willingness to share their stories, and we respect their right to privacy, which is why we use pseudonyms to protect their identities. On our website, you can find numerous testimonials in our clients' own words, accompanied by images of their homes, all available in the "Testimonials" section. For the case study itself, we have utilised stock images instead of our clients' actual homes.