A sound investment

Case Studies

A sound investment

Amir and his wife have lived in their Auckland home for just over a year. Built in the 1950s, the 100 m2 brick and tile house sits on a very noisy main road with lots of trucks and continuous heavy traffic going by.

Despite having double-glazed windows and insulation in the ceiling and underfloor, their house remained cold, and the noise was a constant issue – at times even affecting their ability to get a good night’s sleep.

After some online research into how they could improve their insulation, they realised that the problem lay within their walls.

“We discovered we have 15 cm empty cavities in our walls,” says Amir. “So filling those with insulation would make a big difference in reducing the noise and keeping the heat in.”

An impressive R-value

Amir first heard about Insulmax® from a friend who had been looking into wall insulation. After comparing Insulmax® with traditional insulation methods, he decided it was the best way to go, for several reasons.

“Insulmax® could fill the whole space without us needing to remove the GIB board. It was fast and easy to install, plus it had a high R-value rating,” Amir said. R-values measure how well a product resists the flow of heat – the higher the R-value, the better the insulation properties. Insulmax® offers an R-value of R 2.8 over 100 mm, which means it provides excellent insulation. As a comparison, a wall with no insulation is around R 0.2.

Quick and clean

Amir says the installation process was smooth and efficient. “The installer came in the morning, did his work, and by mid-afternoon he was done. He was really clean and tidy, removed all the debris, and left the space spotless. I didn’t have to do anything,” he says. “I had a friend over later and they couldn’t spot where the insulation had been put in!”

Less firewood and better sleep!

Initially, Amir planned to insulate just the front of the house where they had the fireplace. “But we ended up insulating the whole house. We wanted to keep in as much heat as possible instead of spending money on wood and keeping the fire burning all the time,” he says. “Now, we don’t use as much wood as we used to. The whole house gets warm quickly and retains the heat.”

The noise reduction was another major benefit. “The house is much quieter now, and we’re getting better sleep at night,” says Amir.

Nothing was too much trouble

For anyone considering wall insulation, Amir says he thoroughly recommends Insulmax®, not only because it’s a great product that works well, but also for the great service he received.

“They were very professional and good to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble for them. They made sure the job was done properly,” he said.

Coming from a customer service background himself, Amir appreciated the attention to detail and customer care. “I’m happy I spent the money! Especially now in the middle of winter.”