A warm, quiet sanctuary

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Client case study*

When the Taylor family moved into their 1945 home in Wellington’s Upper Hutt, they cherished its solid bones and the history it held. However, they soon realised that their new home’s lack of modern insulation was a problem. Not only was the house cold, but there was also an issue with noise. 

Michelle and Mike wanted their home to be a haven of calm for their young daughter, who is on the autism spectrum. In particular, her bedroom needed to be a quiet sanctuary – a retreat from the sensory overload of the outside world.

With a commitment to making their home as energy-efficient as possible, they had already started the process of adding double glazing and hanging thermal-backed curtains to keep the warmth in. Yet, despite these improvements, the Taylors were aware that their efforts would be incomplete without first addressing the insulation.

“We knew there was insulation in the ceiling, but we were pretty sure there was nothing in the walls,” says Michelle.  

The couple initially braced themselves for what they imagined would be a massive DIY project, and rallying a troop of helpful friends and family. "We thought we were going to have to get in a few beers and have a bit of a working bee for a weekend of insulation installation," says Michelle. 

Old home, modern solution

Thankfully, the game changed when Michelle stumbled upon the Insulmax® stand at a local expo. It was a chance encounter that would transform their approach to home insulation. 

“We had never heard of Insulmax® and didn’t even realise that retrofitting wall insulation was an option," says Michelle. 

“After talking to the team at the show, one of their consultants came over and did an assessment. He used a few techniques, including thermal imaging, which confirmed there was no insulation in the walls,” she says. “From there, it was an easy decision to move forward with Insulmax®.” 

Quick and easy installation

Understanding the unique needs of the Taylor family, particularly the importance of a calm and quiet environment for their daughter, the Insulmax® team planned the installation schedule around school hours. "They were really conscious of working not only within our budget but also with us as a family," says Michelle.

The installation was seamless, with the team's expertise ensuring the process was minimally invasive. "They cleaned everything up. You really couldn't tell that they'd been, except for the immediate warmth," says Michelle. 

Wamer, quieter, calmer

Michelle says the impact of Insulmax® was immediate. "We could feel the difference that day. For a start, we didn’t have to walk around with several pairs of socks and extra layers on! That first winter after we had it installed, we noticed we used the heater and heat pump a lot less. It’s really helped us with our heating bills. And as an added bonus, it helps keep the house cooler over those scorching days of summer. 

“Because we live in Upper Hutt, we also get a strong southerly wind that hits the house really hard. But now that the Insulmax® is in, we don’t even notice it at all.”

Good sorts 

For those considering wall insulation, Michelle couldn't recommend Insulmax® highly enough. "From the moment we met the team, we knew we were in good hands," she says. “Their professionalism shone through every step of the way, and their friendliness made the entire experience a pleasure. They were not just tradespeople; they were friendly faces who genuinely cared about our home's comfort and our daughter's wellbeing.”

Michelle often shares her positive experience with others, saying, "I've told everyone who'll listen – if you need insulation, Insulmax® is the way to go. They're efficient, they're competent, and above all, they're just really good sorts.

“I’d especially recommend them for anyone with a family member who has sound sensitivity,” she says. “For us, it’s been such a positive outcome.” 

Note: *Our case studies are conducted through interviews with our customers to provide context and background to their experiences. We greatly appreciate their willingness to share their stories, and we respect their right to privacy, which is why we use pseudonyms to protect their identities. On our website, you can find numerous testimonials in our clients' own words, accompanied by images of their homes, all available in the "Testimonials" section. For the case study itself, we have utilised stock images instead of our clients' actual homes.