Bring on Winter!

Case Studies

Client case study*

Brian Copeland’s 1950s Rotorua home was typical of many from that error. In a word… cold! Clad in weatherboard and brick, the 160m2 house had served as a rental for 20 years and was now Brian and his partner’s first home. 

After spending one winter there, the couple started looking at options to warm their home up. “That first winter was freezing. We were thinking about getting double glazing when a friend mentioned Insulmax®,” says Jack.

“So I started researching them and decided to get a quote. We were pretty surprised to discover that we could have Insulmax® installed around the entire house for considerably less than having just a few windows double glazed. In fact, the price difference was huge. Not only that, but we didn’t know whether double-glazing would be as effective as Insulmax®. So it was a no-brainer to go ahead and get it done.”

“The total cost ended up being something like one percent of the total value of our house – yet the difference it’s made has been dramatic.”

The couple had all of the exterior walls insulated, along with one interior wall that backs onto a staircase leading to the lower basement area. 

“The process from start to finish was straightforward and easy,” says Jack. “Insulmax® have all of the council compliance requirements built into their processes, so there’s no need to think about any of that. 

“We noticed an immediate difference – in fact, we noticed a difference in the noise reduction while the team was installing it. Once they started putting the product into the walls, you could hardly hear them drilling anymore. 

And the difference in warmth? “I’ve heard other people describe it as having a big blanket wrapped around the house, and that’s exactly what it’s like,” says Brian “This winter with Insulmax®, compared to the last one without it, is like night and day.

“It really is a fantastic product. And the team are excellent to deal with. Very friendly, respectful, and helpful. I’d recommend Insulmax® to anyone considering insulation. In fact I’ve already recommended them to friends and workmates. 

“Having Insulmax® installed was a no brainer. It’s not only an investment in our home, but also in our health and our future. We couldn’t be happier with the result!” 

Note: *Our case studies are conducted through interviews with our customers to provide context and background to their experiences. We greatly appreciate their willingness to share their stories, and we respect their right to privacy, which is why we use pseudonyms to protect their identities. On our website, you can find numerous testimonials in our clients' own words, accompanied by images of their homes, all available in the "Testimonials" section. For the case study itself, we have utilised stock images instead of our clients' actual homes.