From frosty feet to toasty toes

Case Studies

Dana and her husband Ryan have been living in their beautiful early 1900s villa in rural Manawatu, for the past ten years. With its high ceilings and weatherboard cladding, the house has plenty of charm and character – but it was also incredibly cold.

“Even with the fire going, it was still chilly – especially in winter when it can get well into minus temperatures outside,” says Dana.

Great value for money

Realising their walls had no insulation, Dana and Ryan could see why their home was always so cold. “No matter how much we tried to heat it, all the warmth was instantly escaping,” says Dana. “Plus, because of the structure of our house, it was impossible to install underfloor insulation. So we need another solution.”

Dana and Ryan heard about Insulmax® from friends who’d had the product installed and were very happy with the results. They were particularly impressed by how quick and easy the installation process seemed. “We liked how straightforward it was. No need to pull the walls off or even have tradies inside the house,” Dana says. “And the cost seemed like very good value for money, too.”

Warmer within the day

The installation process was as seamless as promised. “The technicians drilled small holes in the exterior walls, filled them with the insulation material, and then patched everything up neatly,” says Dana.

“We had no issues at all. It was surprisingly straightforward. The guys we dealt with were excellent. They really went over and above, to be honest.”

The difference was noticeable right away. “Our house is so much warmer now. We don’t have to run around in socks and shoes to keep our feet warm anymore!” Dana says.

And because their home is quicker to warm up, and stays warmer for longer, the couple are using noticeably less firewood. “We love having the fire going, but it’s also nice to not need as much fuel – we’re definitely getting away with using less now.”

A great investment

Given their positive experience, it’s no surprise that Dana and Ryan decided to insulate their investment property with Insulmax® as well. “It was an easy decision; we know it works well and makes a real difference.”

For Dana and Ryan, Insulmax® has transformed their living situation. From feeling the chill and struggling to stay warm, they now enjoy a cosy and comfortable home. “It’s made such a difference. We’re really happy with it,” says Dana.

If you’re dealing with a chilly home, Dana’s advice is simple: “Don’t hesitate – just get it done. You’ll feel the difference immediately.”