From Frosty Mornings to Cosy Evenings

Case Studies

How Insulmax® Transformed a Manawatu Bungalow

The Manawatu township of Fielding can get pretty chilly over the winter months. So, for Scott Nolan, his wife, and their young son, living in a weatherboard bungalow with just a thin layer of ageing insulation in the roof cavity was more than just uncomfortable – it was affecting their health. “It was freezing. The three of us were catching colds all the time,” says Scott.

For the first five or six years living in their home, the family managed the cold using gas and electric heating and piling on the extra layers. They installed a ventilation system to help with moisture, but it didn’t help with warmth. Then, in 2021, Scott saw an advert for Insulmax® in the local paper and decided to check it out.

Scott had a few questions at first. “My main concern was whether it would fill all the gaps in the walls, especially in an older house with lots of nogs and studs,” he says. “The team reassured us that it would get into every gap, so we were happy to go ahead.”

A few years later, Scott renovated part of the house and removed a section of the interior wall. “I was really impressed to find that the product had penetrated every inch – there were no gaps at all,” he says.

Scott says the installation process couldn’t have been easier. “The guys who did the installation were fantastic. They drilled the holes, put in the insulation, and patched everything up so well you wouldn’t notice it had been done.

“The difference was noticeable immediately,” he says. “The house is a lot warmer. On cold mornings, it’s so much cosier inside than it used to be. It certainly keeps that heat in. We soon noticed we were taking off our jumpers – we definitely wouldn’t have been doing that before!”

And the best benefit? Scott and his family are feeling a whole lot healthier. “We hardly catch colds now. My son’s health has improved a great deal. He has far fewer sick days than he used to which we’re obviously really happy about,” he says.

Beyond warmth, the insulation also helped make their home more peaceful. “It’s a lot quieter – you don’t notice the noise from outside as much. This is great for us because we’re musicians and play the drums, so I’m sure it’s helping keep the sound in too – which the neighbours will be grateful for!

“For anyone in a similar situation with a chilly home and frequent coughs and colds, I’d definitely recommend Insulmax®. It’s great having a warmer home and feeling healthier too.”