Transforming My 1950s Weatherboard Home with Insulmax®

Case Studies

Client case study*

When my husband and I first considered insulating our 1950s weatherboard home, we were seeking a solution that was effective yet non-invasive. We previously renovated a few rooms with segment insulation, but we were eager to try something less intrusive. Our friends had raved about the difference Insulmax® made on their power bills over the winter, so we thought, why not?

The installation process was much smoother than we anticipated. The Insulmax® team was professional and efficient, causing minimal disruption. We particularly appreciated that they could install the insulation from inside the house.

And the results? They were immediate. Our home, especially our daughter’s bedroom, which is on the colder side of the house, became considerably warmer. But what really caught our attention was when our central heating system failed for a week, our home still retained the warmth, which was a pleasant surprise!

We also noticed a significant reduction in our energy bills. A friend had told us that their investment in Insulmax® paid itself off in 3-5 years, and based on our savings so far, this seems absolutely accurate. An added bonus we discovered was the noise reduction, particularly between the internal wall we insulated between the bathroom and our daughter's room, making our home not just cosier but quieter too.

I would describe the Insulmax® team as responsive, thorough, and pleasant. In fact, we were so satisfied with their work that we're currently in discussions with Eamonn about insulating a few rooms in a rental property we own.

For anyone considering home insulation, we wholeheartedly recommend Eamonn and his team.


Note: Our case studies are conducted through interviews with our customers to provide context and background to their experiences. We greatly appreciate their willingness to share their stories, and we respect their right to privacy, which is why we use pseudonyms to protect their identities. On our website, you can find numerous testimonials in our clients' own words, accompanied by images of their homes, all available in the "Testimonials" section. For the case study itself, we have utilised stock images instead of our clients' actual homes.