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We Wish We'd Used Insulmax® Years Ago

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Located in the chilly region of Southland, Maddie's charming bungalow, with its weatherboard and Linea cladding, had long faced the brunt of cold without proper insulation. After hearing about Insulmax®, she wondered if it might be the solution to adding warmth and comfort to her 1940s home.

One of the big drawcards of Insulmax® for Maddie was how easy the installation was. With no need to pull down interior walls or plan for extensive renovations with days’ worth of tradesmen onsite, she realised it might be possible to dial up the warmth sooner than she expected.

Like many of its era, Maddie’s home was predominantly weatherboard and lacked insulation in at least 90 percent of its structure. It was little wonder that winters meant a constant battle with attempts to keep the chill at bay and heat inside. And of course, that also meant high power bills.

“The Insulmax® team did a great job of explaining how the product works and what the installation involved. Two of my main concerns were around the longevity of the product and whether it would deplete over time, like some other types of insulation.” The team at Insulmax® explained that Insulmax® has a settling rate of less than one percent, which means it doesn’t degrade or shrink.

Maddie says the installation process was fast, easy, and straightforward. “The installers did a great job. They got it all done quickly and cleaned everything up afterwards,” she says.

"We could feel the difference straight away. The house was noticeably warmer – and quieter too. And we’re enjoying having lower power bills!

For anyone considering Insulmax® for their own homes, Maddie says it’s a decision you’ll be glad you made.

“I wish I’d done it years ago! It’s not often you find a solution that ticks all the boxes for being affordable, effective, and easy. But Insulmax® definitely ticks all three. And on top of that, they’re a great business to deal with.”


Note: Our case studies are conducted through interviews with our customers to provide context and background to their experiences. We greatly appreciate their willingness to share their stories, and we respect their right to privacy, which is why we use pseudonyms to protect their identities. On our website, you can find numerous testimonials in our clients' own words, accompanied by images of their homes, all available in the "Testimonials" section. For the case study itself, we have utilised stock images instead of our clients' actual homes.