Can you insulate brick homes?

YES – the vast majority of brick homes are built as a masonry cladding over a conventional timber framing although some are a double brick construction (Read a double brick insulation review here). We are able to insulate masonry clad homes through small holes made in the “T” joint of the exterior brick cladding. Alternatively by customer request, we can install via the internal lining, which works well if the plan is to redecorate.

Due to the drafty 150mm deep cavity found in most brick homes, they are one of the thermally least efficient wall structures in New Zealand. Before we install, some of our customers struggled to keep more than one room of their home at an adequate temperature. Customers with brick homes experience the greatest improvement in their property as the 150mm drafty cavity is converted to a wall structure containing insulation with a thermal rating of R – 4.2. New build walls typically contain insulation with a rating of R – 2.2.