I have a lot of windows. Is there any point insulating my walls?

YES – Walls are the second highest heat loss surface in most homes with an average amount of glazing. If your home is architecturally designed and has a lot of glass, walls are likely the third highest heat loss surface.

Most homes have about 3 times more wall area than glass area. Most wall construction types have a cavity of 100mm to 150mm that can be filled with high performing insulation. Adding 100mm of insulation to existing wall cavities reduces heat loss through the wall structure by approximately 85%, which is a huge reduction over a larger area.

Double glazing reduces heatloss through the window by about half compared with a single glazed window. Double glazing is the most expensive surface to tackle with the lowest percentage improvement to the smallest area.

Everyone should live in a double glazed home but for the best bang for your buck – insulate ceilings, walls and floors before you tackle double glazing.