What is the Insulmax® installation procedure?

Timber Stud Walls: Insulmax® will be installed via small holes made in the exterior or interior wall lining. The cavities between the timber structural members will be filled with Insulmax®.

Masonry Veneer Walls: Insulmax® will be installed via small holes made in the interior wall lining or the exterior mortar joints where visible. The cavity from the inner face of the brickwork to the interior wall lining will be filled with Insulmax®.

Finishing: holes will be made good with the appropriate filler / mortar and made to match the existing wall as closely as possible. Unless agreed with your installer, it is the customers responsibility to supply the top coat to ensure a satisfactory colour match. Holes made in interior linings will be filled with plaster and left proud to be finished when the plaster is completely dry by the customer or their agent.

General Information: Power will be needed during the installation and vehicles may need to be parked close to your property. There will be a degree of noise during the installation. Your installer will ensure that your property is left tidy but small amounts of insulation may be left in gardens and borders etc. Small amounts of insulation may enter through existing gaps in the interior lining but will be tidied by your installer.