Why should I insulate my home?

To transform your home be a great place to live! Insulation will make your home warmer, drier, healthier and cost less to heat.

Sun light and heating systems pump heat energy in to your home. The resulting temperature depends upon how much energy is pumped in and how much is lost.

Imagine trying to fill a leaky bucket with water. To get more water in the bucket you could open the tap more , or, you could find and repair the leaks. Insulation acts in the same way in your home and “plugs the heat loss holes”.

Heat leaks from your home by convection, conduction and radiation. Bulk insulation products such as Insulmax® act as a barrier to flowing heat allowing the heat to build up in your home. An increase in heat energy means higher temperatures and because less energy is being lost, your home is easier and cheaper to get up to a comfortable temperature. The increased temperatures also mean that your home will feel drier and the reduced relative humidity means that the development of mold is reduced or prevented.

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