Will Insulmax® solve my mould problem?

Most mould issues are caused by moisture created inside your home by breathing, showers, cooking and drying clothes. Whenever possible, ventilate while cooking and showering and dry clothes outside.

However, breathing is something that has to happen so cold surfaces, like uninsulated walls, tend to become damp by condensation, especially in bedrooms. Damp walls provide the perfect conditions for mould growth, especially in sheltered areas like the bottom corner of the bedroom wall. Insulating the wall reduces the amount of condensation and the drier wall cannot support the growth of mould.

Mould and its associated spores are very detrimental to internal air quality. Insulmax® wall insulation will reduce or remove a mold issue by reducing the amount of water vapour that is able to condense on a wall surface. Mold finds if difficult to grow on dry walls.

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